Fully qualified professionals living and working in the region is critical to the success of any project in Indonesia. Understanding the national and local laws to set a secure base for ownership and operation is critical for security, knowing the available materials and skills is important for long term quality.



OZONE is operating primarily in the Lombok and Sumbawa region of Indonesia, and is focused on the creation of beautiful sustainable tourism developments. Some of the most beautiful islands in the world lie ​East of Bali. The next door islands, Lombok and Sumbawa offer profitable investment opportunities through the sustainable development of world class resorts and residences. Join the next wave of growth in one of our premium 5-star real estate investments. Own your own architect designed villa on a pristine beach …..and live the dream.


Lombok International Law Office provides consultancy services to investors from all over the world. Their workforce is highly experienced in Indonesian law and finance.

Lilo has a cros-cultural approach on giving advice to expatriates wishing to invest in Lombok, and island full of development potential.