Immerse yourself in the earth, sea, and sky

We invite you to connect, explore, and experience the culture of Kini

Escape to Kini Resort and Village, situated on a hilltop in West Sumbawa, surrounded by pristine nature. Capture the breath-taking views of Yoyo’s world-class surf breaks while basking in the exotic tranquillity. Your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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4.8 stars out of 35 reviews

Eco Resort

Welcome to Kini Resort, a unique hideaway in the breathtaking island of Sumbawa. Nestled amidst the lush beauty of nature, our resort has been built with sustainability in mind and crafted from resources that blend seamlessly into its stunning surroundings.

Beachfront rooms where you can wake up to stunning views of the surf — perfect for romantic getaways or surfing adventures.

2 bedroom oceanfront villa with complete amenities, 12m infinity pool, and panoramic view of the island — perfect for the whole family

Exclusive land and home packages offered by Kini Village — for those looking to own a piece of this Sumbawan paradise.

Why Kini? Hear what our guests have to say

Jonpil p.
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Stayed in bamboo 2 bungalow. Never ever had a view like this before. Good privacy, bungalows are well separated. Beach walk down, approx 5 mins, easy way down. Restaurant and food are EXCELLENT, and price is too good. Internet is Ok and reached bungalow and restaurant. Pretty unique experience
Andi D.
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Beautiful Resort at Sumbawa , we stayed 5 nights at 3 different place at Kini and Kirana.Very friendly staff and very helpful.. thank you so much for the staff they’re all very kindly.. Very recommended place to staying in Sumbawa.
Sam Q.
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Kini and Kirana are amazing places to stay, eat and drink. The staff are friendly and attentive and the food is incredible - all the produce is fresh and grown on-site metres from the restaurant and nearly everything is made in-house, from sourdough bread to kombucha.
Ja'far S.
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Wonderful resort I’ve ever stay. Nice place to stay when you need private and quite place with friends or family, complete with beautiful scenery.
David S.
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Waking up inside a lodge made of bamboo entirely. With a private pool facing the ocean and precisely Yoyo’s wave. Was quite an exclusive and special feeling. Kini is tucked in rainforest jungle and the presence of the elements is very powerful, yet, it all feels safe and clean. Jungle vibes!!
Luis C.
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A dream place to stay, surf and explore. The bed was really comfortable and no mosquitos inside. very clean and sleeping with the ocean sound is priceless.
Victoria L.
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My stay was average, but 5 stars for kak rezi and kak ewi (employees) who took care of me when I had to leave the island unexpectedly. Best part about the hotel is the superb restaurant food and private beach.

Make the most of your stay

Discover additional adventures and activities offered at Kini.




Cooking Classes



Spa and Wellness


4.8 stars out of 35 reviews

Kini means now​

In Indonesia the word Kini means Now, representing the nature of Kini Resort where you can experience everything as it happens. Escape from the routines of everyday life and follow the flow of nature. From sunrise to sunset and into the starry night the earth, sea and sky beckons.

Experience unique local adventures

Here at Kini, your stay is made even more special with activities and adventures designed to satisfy the thrill-seeker in you. From culinary delights at Sapphire Restaurant to riding world-class waves at Yo-Yos surf break, every moment you spend on this picturesque island of Sumbawa will be a memorable experience.

Catch the best waves at Yo-Yo’s Beach and discover first-hand why its consistent swells and breaks are world-famous among surfers.


Experience the beach in another equally enjoyable way — through a horseback ride along the stunning shores of Sumbawa.


Celebrate the rich flavours of Asian fusion cuisine — sourced locally and crafted to perfection by our master chef.

Your journey to Kini in 3 simple steps

Choose your path to paradise and let us handle the rest.

Organise Your Trip

Book your 45-minute flight from Bali to Lombok with either Wings Air or Citilink (recommended if you’re travelling with surfboards).

Remember to contact us a few days in advance via WhatsApp on +62 821 4495 6038 to organise your onward car journey.

Catch a Pre-Arranged Car

After your flight, our driver will greet you for the 1-hour drive to the port. Make sure to go to the bathroom before leaving the airport.

Set Sail on the Fast Boat

This 45-minute boat ride is a unique experience. Note: The waters might get choppy, so if you're not a fan of waves, the plane option is your friend.


Approx. Rp 4 to 6 mil for 2 people one-way (depending on the number of guests sharing transport).

Please note: the boat departs at 1500hrs latest from Lombok. There is only ONE (1) boat per day each way.

Organise Your Trip

Book your 1-hour and 30-minute flight from Bali to Sumbawa Besar with Wings Air (warning: some airlines may not accept surfboards on flights).

Remember to contact us a few days in advance via WhatsApp on +62 821 4495 6038 to organise your onward car journey.

Catch a Pre-Arranged Car

After your flight, our driver will greet you for the 3.5-hour drive to the resort. Make sure to go to the bathroom before leaving the airport.

You have arrived

Take a moment, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy your welcome drink. You're here.


Approx. Rp 3.8 to 4.5 mil for 2 people one-way (depending on the number of guests sharing transport).

Questions about your stay

How can I get to Kini resort?

Getting to Kini Resort is quite simple, and there are a few options for you to choose from.

The easiest way to reach us is by flying to Lombok and catching our private fast boat across to the resort.

Alternatively, you can fly directly from Bali to Sumbawa.

Once you’ve arrived in Sumbawa, we can arrange our concierge car to take you the rest of the way.

Our team is committed to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey to the resort.

While Kini Resort is indeed situated in a remote location, we want to assure you that your health and safety are important to us.

Within a short distance from the resort, there are good medical services available to cater to your needs.

A local clinic and a newly built hospital nearby can handle most emergency situations.

In addition, we are well-prepared on site with extensive first aid kits, and we have an Australian-trained registered nurse on call to assist with any immediate medical concerns.

Rest assured, your well-being is our priority as you enjoy the tranquil beauty of our resort.

Absolutely! Some of the activities you can enjoy here include horse riding, kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.

The stunning natural surroundings make these experiences even more special.

One truly exceptional feature we offer is our regular turtle releases, as part of our “Save the Turtles” initiative.

When you join us, you’ll have the opportunity to name your own little turtle and personally release it into the wild.

This unforgettable experience allows you to connect with nature and contribute to the conservation efforts of these amazing creatures.

At Kini Resort, we understand the importance of staying connected, even in our remote location.

We provide a good internet connection and reliable electricity to ensure your comfort during your stay.

In case of occasional power cuts, we have a large generator as a backup to keep everything running smoothly.

However, we’d like to remind you that our resort is designed as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where you can disconnect from technology, reconnect with nature, and truly immerse yourself in being present in the ‘now’.

While we make sure you have access to modern conveniences, we encourage you to embrace the serenity and beauty that Kini Resort has to offer.