Surf Indonesia Top 3 Breaks in West Sumbawa

Longing for a surf trip where you can enjoy world-class surf spots without the lineup? Surf Indonesia’s best breaks at Kini Resort, West Sumbawa.

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Yo-Yos has two breaks. Famed for its unwavering consistency, The Hook is a wave machine, even when it is flat everywhere, you will get a decent wave here. This right-hander can be surfed at all tides and all seasons, small and glassy in the rainy season, big and punchy in the dry season.

Tucked in against the cliff, the Wedge will be smaller than the Hook with nice long rides. Often barreling on bigger days, it can hold up to 10 foot swell. On smaller days this consistent right-hander shines under a gentle swell.

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Scar Reef

A beautiful left hander that has been claimed by many famous surfers. It works well with medium to large south west swells.

A deep takeoff will send you down the line in a stand up barrel with a shallow end section that can catch the unprepared. Best at mid to low tide for the thrill seekers.

Little Bingin is a wave just north of Scars across the channel. It is a smaller A-frame the breaks both left and right. Best at mid to high tide.

Private Villa surfer yoyos

Super Suck

Gracing the covers of surf mags, Supersucks is legendary. Prepare for the barrel of a lifetime, a thrilling left that unfurls with big westerly swells and offshore winds.

Only to be surfed from mid to high tide as it sucks hard over the shallow slab reef and breaks onto a bed of fire coral.

Most surfers will choose to wear neoprene to protect themselves from the reef. It can also be good practice on midsize swells.

Bamboo Eco Lodges

Come and experience a serene, one-of-a-kind getaway. Crafted from sustainable resources our seven Bamboo eco lodges offer luxury for the ultimate romantic escape or adventurous surfing experience.

Become mesmerised by nature’s beauty with panoramic sea and sky views. Lounge atop your private balcony and watch the waves as they curtsey at your feet. Enjoy moments of stillness as you dip your toes in your private infinity pool. Shower under the stars with a loved one and toast to perfect sunsets.

Hear from other surfers

Jonpil p.
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Stayed in bamboo 2 bungalow. Never ever had a view like this before. Good privacy, bungalows are well separated. Beach walk down, approx 5 mins, easy way down. Restaurant and food are EXCELLENT, and price is too good. Internet is Ok and reached bungalow and restaurant. Pretty unique experience
Andi D.
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Beautiful Resort at Sumbawa , we stayed 5 nights at 3 different place at Kini and Kirana.Very friendly staff and very helpful.. thank you so much for the staff they’re all very kindly.. Very recommended place to staying in Sumbawa.
Sam Q.
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Kini and Kirana are amazing places to stay, eat and drink. The staff are friendly and attentive and the food is incredible - all the produce is fresh and grown on-site metres from the restaurant and nearly everything is made in-house, from sourdough bread to kombucha.
Ja'far S.
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Wonderful resort I’ve ever stay. Nice place to stay when you need private and quite place with friends or family, complete with beautiful scenery.
David S.
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Waking up inside a lodge made of bamboo entirely. With a private pool facing the ocean and precisely Yoyo’s wave. Was quite an exclusive and special feeling. Kini is tucked in rainforest jungle and the presence of the elements is very powerful, yet, it all feels safe and clean. Jungle vibes!!
Luis C.
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A dream place to stay, surf and explore. The bed was really comfortable and no mosquitos inside. very clean and sleeping with the ocean sound is priceless.
Victoria L.
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My stay was average, but 5 stars for kak rezi and kak ewi (employees) who took care of me when I had to leave the island unexpectedly. Best part about the hotel is the superb restaurant food and private beach.

Questions about surfing

What makes a destination truly surf-centric in Indonesia?

Indonesia has become one of the best surf destinations in the world. With thousands of islands offering perfect surf adventures for solo travellers and groups of surfers alike.

Coming onto the mainstream surf scene in Bali and Lombok guarantees overcrowded waves that’ll have you waiting in lineups for most of your holiday.

When you’re looking for a surf-centric spot in Indo, you want a place that lives and breathes surfing like Sumba or Java. It’s not just about having waves; it’s about the luxury surf culture surrounding them.

A true surf destination offers knowledgeable local surf guides who can tell you about the best surf breaks, like the best left-hand breaks at Desert Point or the consistent swells at Lakey Peak.

It’s about eco-friendly hotels and surf resorts that understand and respect both the sea and the local traditions. Places where the staff doesn’t just hand you a key, they share the secret spots and the best times to hit the waves, considering the trade winds and the swell coming in from the Indian Ocean.

It’s all about timing and local intel. Generally, the dry season in Indonesia brings the best waves, and spots like Uluwatu or G-Land can get packed.

But if you’re willing to travel a bit further, say to the less-visited coasts of Sumatra or the reefs off Sumbawa, you can find your sweet spot.

Talk to local surf guides — they’re the ones who can take you to those secret spots where the waves match your ability, and the crowds are thin.

A good surf camp will offer lessons or guidance for all levels, ensuring you’re not paddling out into a lineup that’s out of your league.

The ultimate guide to surfing in Indonesia is a blend of local knowledge and comprehensive surf forecasts.

Apps and websites can give you a good idea of the swell and wind conditions, but they can’t tell you about the nuances of a local break.

For that, you’ll need to chat with the locals or find a surf guide.

They’ll tell you that yes, November to March might be the wet season, but it also means empty line-ups and unexpected perfect waves at spots that are usually quiet.

Remember, the Indonesian chain of islands has thousands of surfable waves — each with its own rhythm and season.

Surfer-friendly accommodations understand that a good surf trip involves more than just a bed close to the beach.

They’ll offer secure storage for your board, an area to dry your wetsuit, and maybe even a workstation with tools for those little ding repairs.

They’ll have information on the day’s surf conditions readily available and often include facilities like yoga spaces or fitness areas to help you warm up before hitting the waves.

The best ones usually have a few resident surfers who are more than happy to share their knowledge about everything from the best local eats to the top surf reef breaks within a short boat trip.

Connecting with local surfers is about showing respect — to the people, the culture, and the waves.

Start by observing the lineup etiquette, be friendly, and if you’re taking surf lessons, ask for a local instructor.

Spend time at local eateries or join a community event. It’s about sharing a smile and a nod after a good wave as much as it’s about sharing the waves themselves.

You’ll find that many of the surf regions in Indonesia have a warm, welcoming vibe if you’re open and genuine.

Indonesia is home to a growing number of eco-friendly surf destinations.

Look for resorts that utilise renewable energy, practice waste reduction, have turtle conservation programs and participate in beach clean-ups.

Places like Kirana Retreat, Kini Resort, Nias, and T-Land, are not just epic surf trips but also communities that are deeply connected to the environment.

Many resorts in these areas are built using sustainable materials and offer education on how to maintain the pristine nature of the Indonesian reefs and beaches.

Supporting these businesses doesn’t just give you a fantastic surfing experience; it helps preserve the beauty of Indonesia.

If you hit the water and it’s more crowded than a city at rush hour, don’t worry. Sometimes, the best waves are the ones you didn’t come for.

Ask around or observe where the local surfers are heading — they often know the patterns of the crowds and can direct you to less crowded waves.

Consider a boat charter to more secluded breaks, or even better, plan your surf travel for the shoulder seasons when the waves are still great, but the crowds have thinned out.

To surf with a clean conscience, choose surf camps and resorts that are proactive about their environmental impact.

These places often run conservation programs you can participate in.

Use reef-safe sunscreen, respect local wildlife, and take part in local beach clean-ups if they’re available.

It’s also about the little things — like reusing towels and avoiding single-use plastics.

Every small action helps protect the surf destinations in Indonesia we all love.

Getting from one epic surf spot to another in Indonesia can be an adventure in itself.

On islands like Bali, scooters are a popular way to zip around, with board racks making them surf-ready.

For farther-flung destinations like the Mentawai Islands or Sumbawa, domestic flights and boat charters become necessary.

Always consider the logistics of your surf gear when planning transport.

Some surfers prefer surf charters for the ultimate convenience, offering access to remote breaks and the luxury of chasing the best conditions.

Don’t forget to respect local customs and regulations while on the move.

Preparing for an Indonesian surf trip is all about balancing excitement with practical planning.

First, brush up on your fitness. Surfing in Indonesia can be demanding, and you’ll want to be in top shape to make the most of it.

Research the specific areas you’re visiting — each has its unique vibe and wave set.

Packing is crucial: include reef-safe sunscreen, a good-quality rashguard, and repair kits for your board.

And, of course, ensure your travel documents are in order, including any visas required.

Lastly, a basic understanding of Bahasa Indonesia can go a long way in enriching your experience.

Picking the right board for Indonesia’s varied waves means considering the types of breaks you’ll be tackling.

For the powerful, world-class waves on the coast of Sumbawa or the epic barrels at places like G-Land, you’ll want a step-up board that can handle speed and power.

If your adventure is more about playful waves in Bali or Lombok, a shorter, more manoeuvrable board might be your pick.

When in doubt, chat with local surf shops or your surf resort’s in-house experts.

They can offer tailored advice based on the current conditions and your skills.

And remember, there’s no shame in having a quiver that includes a couple of options, especially in a surf paradise like Indonesia.