Sapphire Restaurant

Embark on a culinary journey

An idyllic gem nestled in the heart of Kini Resort, with its breathtaking, unobstructed sea view of the mesmerising Yo-Yo’s Beach. Picture yourself basking in the radiant glow of the setting sun as it casts a golden blanket across the pristine waters, leaving you with indelible memories of your time in Sumbawa.

Just a leisurely stroll from the luxurious bamboo eco lodges, Sapphire Restaurant is a haven for culinary enthusiasts. Savour each exquisite bite as the chefs expertly craft dishes using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Let your senses be delighted as you embark on a gastronomic journey, creating cherished moments that you will remember for a lifetime.

Meet Master Chef Kuncir

Chef Kuncir’s story is one of passion ignited from an unexpected spark. Born into a family of chefs in Batu Layar, Lombok, cooking was in his blood, but not initially in his heart. He spent his early years under the guidance of his adoptive Scottish father, with dreams of drawing, not dicing and sautéing. However, his destiny took a delicious turn at a Culinary School in Bali, where the art of cooking captivated his soul.

Now, with a fiery passion, Chef Kuncir aims to make Sapphire not just a restaurant but a culinary landmark in Sumbawa. He masterfully weaves local and international ingredients into extraordinary culinary tapestries, transforming each dish into a work of art. His journey from the canvas to the kitchen is a testament to the power of passion, transforming what once was just a family trait into a personal triumph.

Meet The Team at Sapphire

At Sapphire Restaurant, we believe in more than just serving great food; we’re committed to supporting our local community.

Our dedicated team, from the bustling kitchen to the lively bar and attentive waitstaff, is predominantly hired from the local area.

This approach is central to our ethos of nurturing and contributing to the community’s economic and social vitality.

Each team member brings a unique local flair, infusing our service with authenticity and a personal touch.

By prioritising local talent, we not only enhance our guests’ dining experience but also strengthen Sapphire’s bond with the community, at Sapphire we are a family.